Alien Arena notifications and conky plugin


If you play Alien Arena on linux, you can get the system pop-up notifications about newly joined players and currently occupied servers using my API.
Plus, if you use conky, you can get more detailed info on your desktop about who is playing where. (Conky is a free, light-weight system monitor for X, that displays any kind of information on your desktop.)


First you need my python script

Here you can download it.
Unzip and copy to your home directory

unzip -d $HOME

Install python libraries PyGObject and websocket-client

python3 -m pip install PyGObject websocket-client

Add the py script to your startup applications, or systemd or whatever you prefer. I use ubuntu Startup Applications (gnome-session-properties):

python3 $HOME/aa-notifier/

If you use conky, you can add to your ~/.conkyrc

${color2}ALIEN ARENA ${hr 1}$color
${execpi 2 cat $HOME/conky/cache/alienarena}

And that's all. Contact me on Alien Arena discord, if you need any help.

Also feel free to edit the python script as you wish.